Why we Like Halloween

Una de las cosas que más nos gustan del Día de las Brujas, o Halloween, son los disfraces tan creativos que podemos encontrar. Pero olvidémonos de los disfraces de hombres lobos, espantos, zombies, etc., y enfoquémonos en los disfraces que nos gusta ver en ellas. Y es que ir a fiestas de disfraces donde nos podamos encontrar a toda nuestra fantasía, con mujeres vestidas de policías, enfermeras, hadas, heroínas, colegialas, vampirezas, brujas pero brujitas, en fin, de todo lo que nos podamos imaginar. Y es por eso que mostramos nuestros disfraces preferidos que nos encantan que ellas usen.
One of the best things we like about Halloween are the creative costumes we can find. But let’s for now forget about the zombies, ghouls, ghost and werewolves costumes for a moment and focus on the ones we like to see on the ladies. And let’s be honest, going to a Halloween party can be like walking in on a big wet fantasy, with all the beautiful women dressed as schoolgirls, nurses, fairys, heroines, vampires, cops, naughty witches, etc. And that is why we are going to show you some of our favorite costumes we hope to see this year.

(most of these costumes were found on the following sites: mydivascloset.com, sexycostumes.com and sexywearavenue.com)


Ahora como un extra / Now as a bonus:

A Halloween Party!
Como quisieramos que nos invitaran a una fiesta como esta! / How we wish to be invited or at least be able to attend a party like this one!

Fotos / Photos:
Ricky Ricky
Ricky’s Flickr
Thanks for letting us use your photos Ricky!

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  1. I guess the allure of Halloween is particularly this: Everyone can dress however they wish to and not be judged for it (supposedly). I can imagine this being the main reason why people enjoy it so much. The real question is, Why can’t it be Halloween all year long then?


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