Nothing Beats A Good Scotch

After having a long day at work, the best reward you can have is a good drink, a real mans drinks. Yes, you know what kind of drink I’m talking about. Scotch. Whisky, as it’s spelled in Scottish, and if you ask them, it’s the real way to spell it.

Now I must say that I do enjoy having other booze, like a good Russian Vodka or a very nice Mature Dark Rum. But really, nothing says more about you as a Man than having a glass of Whisky in your hand. It also says a lot how you drink that whisky, if you take it straight, with a couple of ice cubes, or if you are a little bit soft and have to mix it with a soda or sparkling soda. If you do the last thing, please please please, get some balls! Not trying to offend you but every real men knows that a good whisky doesn’t need nothing more with it.

Something that you also need to know, not because you have to but because its good for your general knowledge and because its always nice to know what you drink, is a little bit of the history of Whisky and the different kinds. You should know that its original name was “Aqua Vitae” or “water of life” for its healing properties. Also know the steps on how scotch is made; it involves malting, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation.

The Four Kinds You Should Know:

  • Single Malt (100% malted barley)
  • Vatted or Pure Malt (simply a blend of single malts from different distilleries)
  • Single Grain (in single grain distillation, the grain mash (usually wheat) is fed into column stills and drips down, while steam rises and captures some of the alcohol)
  • Blended (Most blends contain two or three grain whiskys and as many as 40 malts, smoother than single malts)

So now go ahead and have a real drink and share it with a friend, a brother, a father, and remember to always make a good toast before the first sip. That’s the way it should always be.

2 comentarios
  1. mia1984 dijo:

    I’ve honestly never had scotch before! In fact I’ve never tried any manly man’s drink before. I only drink Baileys. And there are 4 types of that as well (Original, Mint, Caramel, and Coffee). 😉

    • Moito dijo:

      Having a scotch isn’t for everyone. I mean, you love drinking scotch, or you do not. Myself I like it a lot, but also enjoy a different drink sometimes, like Mint Flavor Baileys. 😉


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