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Un artista de los comics donde muestra la habilidad que tiene para dibujar mujeres. No queremos hablar mucho ni decir mucho sobre él ya que lo que realmente queremos es que miren su trabajo. Y por eso les dejamos esta serie, Fairy Tale Fantasies, donde aparecen muchas princesas de Disney pero con la visión de Scott Campbell. Disfrutenlo como nosotros lo disfrutamos.

A comic artist who has the incredible ability to draw women. We really don’t want to talk much about him or his works since we really want to show you his work. And for that we leave you this series, Fairy Tale Fantasies, where a lot of Disney’s princess appear, but illustrated through the vision of Scott Campbell. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Sometimes we disregard the importance of certain people we meet or have a certain business relationship. I’m talking about our tailors, barbers or groomers, bar tenders, etc. Some men don’t really know the importance of being friends with people with these jobs, or at least knowing certain people who are extremely good in their field. So that’s what this post will be about. Knowing the importance of having a good tailor, having a good barber, having a good bartender, etc.

The importance of knowing a good tailor.

You can never underestimate the significance of a tailor. He’s the one who can fix your suits, tell you what to combine when you have no clue, and most of all,  help you to seek out your own look for the event. If you have a very very good tailor, keep it a secret for yourself. You don’t want for everybody to know where do you get all those nice suits fix. Also, have two different tailors, one for those clothes you wear daily, and one for those special days when you want to excel. And remember, there is nothing more good looking than a tailored suit made just for you.

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