The importance of knowing a good…

Sometimes we disregard the importance of certain people we meet or have a certain business relationship. I’m talking about our tailors, barbers or groomers, bar tenders, etc. Some men don’t really know the importance of being friends with people with these jobs, or at least knowing certain people who are extremely good in their field. So that’s what this post will be about. Knowing the importance of having a good tailor, having a good barber, having a good bartender, etc.

The importance of knowing a good tailor.

You can never underestimate the significance of a tailor. He’s the one who can fix your suits, tell you what to combine when you have no clue, and most of all,  help you to seek out your own look for the event. If you have a very very good tailor, keep it a secret for yourself. You don’t want for everybody to know where do you get all those nice suits fix. Also, have two different tailors, one for those clothes you wear daily, and one for those special days when you want to excel. And remember, there is nothing more good looking than a tailored suit made just for you.

The importance of knowing a good barber.

A barber can sometimes be like a priest and a psychiatrist, (actually everyone of this small list can be). You can talk to him about anything that’s bothering you and still you know that the conversation your having will be kept between the both of you. Almost all barbers have a profound knowledge about general things, so use this to your advantage, talk to him about almost any topic you want. My barber knows a lot about politics, economy, literature and music, and every time I go with him, I always learn something new and always have an incredible update on what’s happening in the world. Besides, knowing a good barber is always something nice, since he can tell you honestly what style of hair goes with you.


The importance of knowing a good bartender.

Let’s face it, as men we like to go to bars and pubs and have a few drinks and see beautiful ladies in the night. But we always have a favorite place to go, and it that place we like to have our very own bar tender who can already give us just by looking at our face the drink we need. He, like the ones before, can really tell us a lot about interesting facts, tips and knowledge. And not only that, but can help us get lucky in the pub.


This list can go on and on and on, but for now, lets stay with the three above. Always remember to have an open mind and always be respectful, and really try to make a good relationship, cause in this world everybody needs somebody sometime. So that’s my tip for all of you today, hope you like it and take it in consideration. Will have more coming up this week.

Jack F.

1 comentario
  1. Oh wow I agree with you yes. Especially with the barber. Most men think that getting their hair cut is just about that, when it is about a whole other bunch of things. It is funny but in that 20 minute lapse you seem to talk about so many things you don’t get to talk about with other men.

    You should post more like these!


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