Sometimes we disregard the importance of certain people we meet or have a certain business relationship. I’m talking about our tailors, barbers or groomers, bar tenders, etc. Some men don’t really know the importance of being friends with people with these jobs, or at least knowing certain people who are extremely good in their field. So that’s what this post will be about. Knowing the importance of having a good tailor, having a good barber, having a good bartender, etc.

The importance of knowing a good tailor.

You can never underestimate the significance of a tailor. He’s the one who can fix your suits, tell you what to combine when you have no clue, and most of all,  help you to seek out your own look for the event. If you have a very very good tailor, keep it a secret for yourself. You don’t want for everybody to know where do you get all those nice suits fix. Also, have two different tailors, one for those clothes you wear daily, and one for those special days when you want to excel. And remember, there is nothing more good looking than a tailored suit made just for you.

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After having a long day at work, the best reward you can have is a good drink, a real mans drinks. Yes, you know what kind of drink I’m talking about. Scotch. Whisky, as it’s spelled in Scottish, and if you ask them, it’s the real way to spell it.

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Este post trata de la mejor forma mostrar como realizar una buena fiesta en el apartamento o casa de uno. Asi que si sientes ganas de traer la fiesta este fin de semana a tu hogar, llama a tus amigos, consigue lo necesario y disfruta a lo máximo.
This post tries the best to show how to make an excellenent in doors party. So if you feel like bringing the fun to your home this weekend, call your friends, make sure you get what you need and enjoy to the fullest.

MANTARAYA’S Short List For In-Home Parties!

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A continuación nuestra lista para ver en este Día de Brujas, películas para divertirse, asustarse y no dormir. Unas las hemos visto mil veces, otras las miraremos ahora.

A list of what movies to watch on Halloween, to enjoy and have fun, be scared and not being able to sleep. Some of them we have watch, others we’ll be seeing this sunday.

It’s The Great Pumkin, Charlie Brown

Un clásico de la infancia que nunca para de aburrir, además tiene una esencia tan sincera para los especiales de esta festividad. / A classic from childhood that never gets boring, besides it’s probably one of the most sincere halloween specials.

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Diversificando un poco con las fotografías de nenas lindas y bien vestidas que tanto nos gusta poner, hemos decidido dar un pequeño twist, para ayudar a los hombres a conseguir esas nenas, y para que las nenas también disfruten venir a nuestro sitio. Es por eso que les presentamos un post de moda, estilo y elegancia… a la italiana! Y es que realmente, en nuestra opinión, el mejor estilo es de Italia y por eso decidimos dar una degustación y enseñar ciertos tips para acoplar esta moda.

Diversifying a little bit and changing the photographs of beautiful and well dress women we so much like to share, we have decided to give a little twist, mainly to help the dudes get the desire attention of this women, and also because we want the ladies to enjoy visiting this site. That’s why we give you a post about fashion, style and elegance… alla italiana! And truth be said, in our opinion, the best sense of style comes from Italy and that’s why we decided to share a few tips and a little bit of tasting of this style.


La actitud es lo que cuenta, al igual que el porte. No importa si se maneja una moto o un carro, siempre hay que salir de casa con la mentalidad de impresionar.

It’s all about the attitude and the body language. It doesn’t matter if you drive a bike or car, remember always dress to impress.

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Y entonces quedaron solo cuatro… Los cuatro “mejores” del mundo se disputan para ver quien en realidad es el mejor, quién logrará saborear la gloria. Quién hará historia. Tres europeos, un sudamericano. Una Copa. Dos equipos ya han logrado victoria y quieren volver a reclamar el trono. Dos de ellos quieren alzarla por primera vez. Es por eso que a cada equipo los compararemos con las canciones del cuarteto más fantástico de todos los tiempos: Los Beatles

And then there were only four… the four “best” in the world struggling to see who is really the best, who will be able to taste glory. Who will make history. Three Europeans, one Southamerican. One Cup. Two teams already have had their past victories and want to reclaim the throne. Two of them want to feel it for the first time. That’s why for each team we’ll compare them to a song of the most fantastic quartet of all time: The Beatles

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